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Welcome to the latest issue of Boulderpavement!

In this issue we take on the theme of repetition in all forms of artwork, from photography to painting, from sound poetry to sound experiments. Repetition, we’ve discovered, is often the hook that engages an audience with a piece of artwork.

We see this in the mesmerizing GIFs by artist Erdal Inci who draws us in with one beautiful repeated movement. 

In the photography of art collective PUTPUT, the everyday sponge is transformed into vibrant pop(sicle) art through a repetitive framework.


Painter Betsy Rosenwald thinks outside the box by painting a shifting vision of boxes. 


Sound artist Chris Wood loops and mixes the sounds of Banff to create an entirely new atmosphere. 

The experimental sound poet Jaap Blonk creates a new language that relies on repetition. 

And, last but not least, we present a selection of poetry from American writers Elizabeth Willis and John Taggart who both use repetition, albeit in vastly different ways, in their work. 

Boulderpavement would also be remiss in not mentioning that this is our most international collection of artwork ever, with work from Turkey, America, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, one transplanted Englishman living in Alberta and one transplanted American living in Saskatchewan. 

We hope you enjoy! 

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